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Below you will find a list of commonly used industry terms and their definitions. If you have any questions, or know of a term that is not listed, please feel free to let us know so we can keep the list current and better service our clients.

Advanced Freight: Refers to the freight that has been sent to Pinnacle's warehouse prior to the event move-in date


Advanced Order: An order that is sent to the service provider prior to the move-in date


Back Wall: Refers to the draping that is at the back of each exhibitor's booth space


Bill Of Lading: A legal document that establishes the terms between the shipper (exhibitor) and the transportation company (carrier) for the transportation of goods between two specified points. It is required for each exhibitor to fill out a Bill Of Lading and return it to the Pinnacle Service Desk in order for Pinnacle to release the shipment to the carrier.


Booth Package: Describes items for an exhibitor's booth that are supplied by show management


Certified Weight Ticket: Certified Weight Ticket is a document that is required by each delivery carrier to present to Pinnacle Exposition upon delivery of an exhibitor's freight. It is needed for accurate billing of freight received at an event.


Common Carrier: A transportation company moving freight, which usually only accepts crated materials that it can consolidate with the properties of other customers into one shipment bound for the same destination


Corner Booth: An exhibit booth space with exposure on two sides. Usually found at the end of a row of in-line booths


CWT: "Century weight" or "hundred weight" is the total weight of a shipment divided by 100 to obtain billable weight. 5125lbs / 100 = 52 CWT


Drayage: Service provided by the contractor to deliver an exhibitor's materials to their booth from the loading dock; remove and store an exhibitor's empty crates; return the crates back to the exhibitor at the end of the conference; and then return the materials to the loading dock for pick-up by an exhibitor appointed carrier


DT Labor: Double-time labor, or labor performed on double-time and charged twice the published labor rate


Empty Sticker: A colored sticker that is used to mark an empty container. It is used to identify the containers for storage and return to the exhibitor.


Exclusive Contractor: A contractor that holds an exclusive contract with either a facility or event manager to provide services for that facility or event.


Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC): A contractor hired by an exhibitor to perform trade event services independently of the event management appointed contractors


Exhibitor Kit: (service manual) Is a package of information that outlines the rules, regulations, and ordering processes for a specific event or function and is provided to exhibitors by the management appointed contractor


Facility Carpeted: Indicates that the facility or exhibit hall is already carpeted


Floor Order: Orders that are taken/received after the discount deadline and are no longer eligible for the reduced rate


Floor Port: A utility box located in the floor that houses electrical, Internet, and plumbing connections


Freight: Exhibit products and other materials shipped for an event


Freight Desk: The area where inbound and outbound freight services are handled at an event


Hard Wall: An exhibit wall that is constructed out of a solid material, rather than back wall draping


I&D: Installation and dismantling of an exhibitor's booth by a labor source. Exhibitors may order these services from the contractor or EAC


ID Signs: A card-stock sign that indicates an exhibitor's booth number and company name. The standard size is 7" x 44"


In-line: Exhibit booths that are in a single file line layout


Island Exhibit: An exhibitor's booth space with aisles on all four sides. There is no pipe and drape to distinguish an exhibitors space


Labor: Contracted service personnel used in the assembling and dismantling of an exhibitor's space, along with freight distribution. Labor is billed in 30 minute increments with a 1 hour minimum. Rates are based on standard-time, over-time and double-time


Logistics: Point to point transportation services provided by a transportation carrier


Material Handling: The fees related to the receiving of your exhibit materials either at the show site, or at our advanced warehouse, delivery of these items to your booth space, stotage and return of your empty exhibit materials after the event, transportation of your materials back down to the loading area where your carrier can pick them up for redlivery to your designated location.


Move In: Refers to the allotted time frame for exhibitors to enter the facility and set up their exhibit space


Move Out: Refers to the allotted time for an exhibitor to dismantle their exhibit space and vacate the exhibit floor


Pipe and Drape: A system of tubular construction covered in a draped fabric used to make up the back wall and side rails of an exhibitor's booth space


Porter Service: A service that includes the emptying of trash cans during the event hours


Quad box: An electrical box containing 4 electrical outlets usually provided by the electrical service provider.


Registration: An area on or near the exhibit floor where management has set up to register attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors. Event badges can be obtained at this location


Right-To-Work State: A state where no person can be denied the right to work because of membership or non-membership in a labor union. See the Union Rules and regulations page within the exhibit manual for specific instructions


Service Desk: The location at which exhibitors can order, confirm, and cancel exhibit services


Side Rails: The wall used to divide booth spaces from each other. These are typically 3' high by the depth of the booth space


Skirting: Decorative fabric installed around tables, staging, and risers. Tables are skirted on 3 sides unless 4th side skirting is ordered


Special Handling: An additional charge that applies to an exhibitor's shipment and is required if additional labor, material or equipment is needed.


ST Labor: Straight time labor, or work performed during normal hours at the standard rate


Targets: Exhibitor move in/out date and times that are scheduled for specific time frames


Visqueen: A clear heavy plastic sheeting that is placed over an exhibitors carpet to protect from damage during exhibitor set up


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